Frank commented on Young people, Nazis

Good points, Ann. We live in a diverse society. It's not going away. We need to embrace that diversity and work to include all who are willing to work hard to create a prosperous future for themselves, regardless of their ethnicity. After all, I doubt that any of us would want to live any…

Frank commented on Health care is not a right

Good point, Alan, and well said.

Frank commented on Health care is not a right

It seems to me that if a person has Christian love for all people as demanded by Christ, then they should want all people to have access to basic affordable health care. It's hard for me to imagine Jesus being opposed to the idea. In the coming discussions, each one of us has to decide wh…

Bert, on behalf of curmudgeons everywhere, I would like to point out that Donald Trump is a special situation. Personally, I liked George W. Bush, even though I had major problems with some of his policies and the people around him (Cheney) who wielded too much influence. I really liked G…

I wonder if Bert had the same thoughts when Obama was president? Surely he never had a negative thing to say about Obama, because to now say that others shouldn't be negative about Trump would be hypocritical.

Exactly right, Ray. And well written. Thank you.

Frank commented on President unworthy of respect

Probably tainted with truth serum.

Frank commented on Civil Rights Act vote tally

Alan, don't use facts in your discussion with Raymond. Facts just confuse him.

Frank commented on Civil Rights Act vote tally

I wonder who the KKK will support in 2020?

Well said, Dgacosta. Thank you. And thanks to Alan for a well written, fact-based letter. No doubt Alan's letter will be criticized by all the usual people since facts and truth don't agree with their prejudices.