Woods, Waters & Wildlife: Buffalo roaming in Town Lake

A new lake record for smallmouth buffalo in Lady Bird Lake has been certified. The 64-pound fish was caught on rod and reel while baited with tiger nut and imitation corn. Tiger nut is not really a nut and imitation corn isn’t really corn, but they are attractive to suckers like carp and buffaloes. Photo contributed by Cassady Douglas, pictured.

I caught my first fish at about age 8 or 9 -- two small perch -- fishing in the Guadalupe River be-tween Seguin and New Braunfels. I was hooked.

Later, again visiting my grandmother on the Guadalupe, I strolled down barefooted early one morn-ing to the little store there that sold milk, bread, bacon, and bait. I bought a Grapette soda for a dime and went outside. Through the early morning mist, I could dimly see people gathered near the dock. That was unusual this early. Something was happening.

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