I had the unfortunate situation where one of my pet goats was attacked by two Huskies. He was severely injured, beyond first aid. We called Baytown Animal Control and they were able to secure the two dogs in question. On day 2 my goat passed away. In the previous 24 hours I and my husband had called at least 30 local and further afield veterinarians and clinics. All but one declined to help me. This animal needed to be euthanized. One vet was working 12-18 hour days and was willing, but unable to get to me. I needed a vet to euthanize this poor animal. I called vets as far afield as Galveston, Beaumont, Texas A&M and in Dayton who service 4H and ag students.

After my pet goat died, we contacted Baytown Animal Control, and were told that the owners of the dogs had been found, instead of facing court charges, which I would have most certainly pursued, on the advice of Animal Control, they opted to have their own two dogs euthanized.

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