Looks as though the state will be taking over the HISD soon. This, HISD, is just another liberal disaster like many other districts. Graduating children that could not read, add or subtract was bad enough. When the focus is now on woke stupidity (CRT in any form), failure is imminent. Teaching a black or brown child, they have no chance in life because of their skin color, IS WRONG. Then blaming the child sitting next to them for the problem, IS WRONG. If you have children in school, you had better get involved. If anyone at school tells your child to keep a secret from you, a big red flag should wave. Investigate that quickly. You should be able to visit (at anytime during the day) your child’s classroom. If the administration is a roadblock to this, (red flag). The younger the child, the more you should be involved. If the district cannot meet your child’s needs, find a way to leave!

Larry Rollo, Baytown

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