I see where this disaster of an administration is now talking about digital currency. If we had digital currency, the government could stop these bank failures. (Not sure, but the failures may be part of the plan.) They would do this by not letting you get your money out of the bank. How about the banks quit loaning money to people that can not pay it back. Digital currency would help you pay your taxes. The government would just withdraw it from your account (I’m sure that would go well). Digital currency would be so convenient, like a credit card. Just put it in the machine, get the purchase maybe approved, probably by an ex-fact checker after they look at your social credit score. We all know how intelligent and honest they are. Anyone that thinks this (digital currency) is a good idea has their head in a dark place. The government/dictator/autocratic ruler, call them whatever, will own you. Look at China or North Korea. Put NOTHING past these people. Get hold of your congress/senate representatives and tell them no to digital currency.

Larry Rollo, Baytown

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