The USS Battleship Texas, the oldest dreadnought still in existence that served in both World Wars I and II, deserves to remain in the area where it has sat for decades. This was thanks to all the children in the area, including my father, who collected their pennies to save her from the fate of being destroyed for military target practice. To be sunk to the depths of the ocean.

Where BB-35 sits now was a fitting site for the time but industrial growth & changed traffic routes have caused tourism dollars to decline resulting in the deterioration of the ship. Once her restoration is completed, Baytown’s Bayland Island site could not be more appropriate for her new home! The location provides for high visibility on a route that many tourists travel. The tourism dollars would climb dramatically from previous levels to keep her in good condition. The tens of thousands who travel to work daily would be reminded that she is sitting there. Many would think to take their families, friends and visitors from out of town with a feeling of pride that we saved the battleship for a second time.

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