If you just listen to the talking heads on TV or just read the headlines and think that is the story, you are most likely a lazy American. If you always just vote for one party with no meaningful research, you are a lazy American. Take the Inflation Reduction Act, if you think it has anything to do with inflation reduction you would be GREATLY mistaken. Read it, NOTHING in it reduces inflation. In basic economics, dumping money into the economy ADDS to inflation. How is 87000 IRS agents going to help curb inflation or is putting a 95% tax on JUST American pharmaceutical companies helping? None of these help Americans. There seems to be quite a few people ignorant on this FACT. Just because politicians give a bill a great sounding name does not make the bill have anything to do with the name. This has been a trick of the politicians forever. Just because the politicians say it is gun safety legislation does not mean it adds to our safety. Get the guns away from the criminals and no else will need them. Criminals do not care about your stupid laws, or even the sensible ones. When you fail to consider all sides of the situation and are denied all the information, you have a 50% or less chance of making a good decision that will help this country. The President is not coming to our homes to visit. He does not need to be our buddy. He needs to be all in for the US. and it’s citizens. Proof in point, Jimmy Carter (who I voted for) was as nice a person as there is, Very poor president. People can tout the things that happen under a president watch, but that does not mean the credit belongs with that president. Coming out of the lockdown, job growth and unemployment should have been tremendous (common sense). We got the job growth, but paying people not to work kept unemployment high. Just a fact.


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