Last week I heard a primetime Fox news host speak highly of Herschel Walker while disparaging Raphael Warnock. The news anchor reported that Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife said that Warnock was not the decent man that many people thought him to be. The TV host told his viewers that Warnock had backed over his ex-wife in his Teslas! I found that report to be very alarming, so I researched the event. What I discovered was that the news host’s version of the story was misleading. Warnock’s ex-wife had accused him of backing over her foot while picking up his children, but Warnock had disputed her claim. The police were called to investigate the incident. They found no injury to her foot and no charges were filed. Was this primetime TV newsman trying to impart reliable information to his viewers, or was he trying to mislead them to hurt Warnock’s reputation?

Elsa Kleiman, Baytown

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