In reference to Truman Felder’s letter referring to Raymond Martin, I tell you now that you are nowhere near his league. You can not even understand what he is trying to tell. You don’t have the capacity to even begin to understand. 

You do not have to be educated to have common sense nor to be able to understand people and world issues. Those things come naturally as a gift. I tell you that most folks who have completed junior high school know more than the current president, more than the scientists, and certainly more than vacillating Fauci, as well as other groups you listed. And everyone with half a thimble full of common sense in one eyeball knows more than the Democrats. Do you know the depth of his education? Do you know for sure that he isn’t a Mensa individual? Do you know how much he has traveled? And I guarantee you have never conversed with him, so how do you whether he is a great listener? How dare you judge him without knowing him. If you know someone with more knowledge about the same issues you criticized him for, please list them and also list their qualifications. In doing this, you must refer to those same qualifications that you deny of Raymond. And just for the record, Mr. Felder, you disqualified yourself by the letter you wrote.

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Wow Judy, thanks for the kind words...

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