Actually Truman Felder I’m right on. Ray Charles in his present state can see what going on in the Biden administration. Being a Ostrich Democrat with your head in the sand keeps you from seeing the American decline. I do research and do listen to experts except I listen to ones that are not getting grants or being paid to promote an agenda. The ones that have no skin in the game are truthful in their analysis. Fauci is getting stupid money from several health organizations including the WHO who lied and ran cover for China. Fauci was caught lying to congress about supporting the Wuhan lab that released the COVID-19 world epidemic by Senator Paul who asked the DOJ to consider charges for perjury which won’t happen because of the deep state Democratic Justice Department. The Taliban who tortures, beheads, murders, and snatches 12-year-old girls for brides are on twitter but Twitter bans President Trump and people like Alex Berenson who has done countless hours of research on the COVID-19 vaccines and mask effects should tell you all you need to know about losing First Amendment Rights with paybacks to wealthy CEO’s contributors to Democratic causes. Trump left a stable Afghanistan with a plan for withdrawal. Biden couldn’t take the chance that would make Trump look good so here we are today with a disastrous withdrawal that makes Saigon look like a birthday party.

On a separate note I’d like to thank everyone for the support.                      

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