The current mandatory repeated science phrase “climate change” is propaganda in the subtlest form. Understand that every single time this phrase is used to explain anything to do with actual climate it really means man is destroying the planet. It doesn’t mean an earth cycle, or a wobbling of the moon, it means our government has the responsibility to take away your freedom to save the planet and has every intention of doing just that.

Before you get your feathers all rustled up to explain it is appearing we are having weather anomalies – throughout history we have always had unpredictable swings in weather. Always. When progressives found out they couldn’t bamboozle the world with “global warming”, they took on a more subtle and sinister version by changing it to “climate change”; linking the two words and making it easy for everyone to agree the climate appears to be changing. For the good of the people, climate change lawmakers will take away more freedoms which will accomplish their goal of making us more dependent on the government. 

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