The article written concerning Mercedes Renteria being delinquent in paying his school taxes (both GCCISD and Lee College) as well as county and city taxes over multiple years, depicts a person who didn’t see fit to do his part in support of the school district by paying his taxes, but now wants to represent that same district as a board member. It’s understandable that people sometimes makes mistakes based on oversight, but when that “oversight” continues for multiple years and no attempt is made to rectify the situation until a suit is filed against you, it becomes more than an oversight but an intentional act of defiance. Mr. Renteria should not have ever considered running for this position without his house being in order. Therefore one could conclude that there is a hidden agenda that is motivating his decision to run in spite of the impropriety. 

Why would Renteria think he could get away with this not being looked into, especially since The Baytown Sun  asked all of the candidates this question, “did you have any outstanding taxes owed to Goose Creek CISD, Lee College and the City of Baytown?” As it turns out, Renteria’s refusal to answer this question should get him in deep trouble with honest thinking people. He simply should have answered the question when asked and told the truth about his taxes being delinquent.

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