We’ve all heard that adage many times, and normally it is excellent advice. But not always. Typically, someone that professes to valuble skills, has documented or proven results of said proficiency. When you fly, it is quite evident that the person in the cockpit is a pilot. And when someone paints your house, you can rest assured that a painter probably did the work.

Here’s the exception. When Raymond Martin gets up on his soapbox and broadcasts his expertise on virtually all subjects and situations, with not a single shred of proof or evidence to back it up; a logical person would not pay attention to the diatribes. This modern day Confucious knows more, or so he professes, than presidents, world renowed schientists, Dr. Fauci, Cleveland Clinic, the CDC, every Democrat in the United States, and you. He reminds us of this almost weekly, definitely unsolicited.

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Alan H

Thank you Truman Felder for calling out Mr Martin's nonfactual information. I hope that Baytown Sun staff will start adding a warning label identifying Mr Martin's information as either false or misleading so no one believes a word of it.

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