I have lived in Baytown, Texas my entire life and seen it grow over my lifetime (70) years. There never were any barges for most of my life on the south side of Interstate 10.  Over the years it started with one or two on the south side. I always saw a barge near I-10 with steam coming out of a stack. I was told that they were cleaning barges there. If that is true where are they discharging the waste, the river? Over the years as the land sunk more and more barges started being stationed there. In fact during a hurricane a barge or two washed up on I-10 hindering and damaging I-10 causing commuters much stress, inconvenience, time, fuel and money being rerouted to highway 90 or 225.

Who gave them permission to dredge and station barges so close to the freeway? I thought before things like that were approved they needed to file environmental impact statements prior to getting approved by the local municipalities, county, state, and federal government.  

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I agree. Well said.

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