Does this Biden administration believe this virus is something to be concerned with? If so why are they allowing unvetted, unvaccinated, undocumented and unknown people to flood into this country? Then facilitating the scattering of these people all over this country. Then they go on TV and talk about the outbreaks around the country. They say citizens need to get the shots, wear a mask and social distance. How about they (the federal government) stop seeding this country with infected people? 

I have said this before and I shall repeat it this administration is a disaster for the United States and the world. It makes me embarrassed to ever have been a Democrat (I did not leave the party the party abandoned me and the country). I can draw no other conclusions than they hate America (the most generous, most free, and most accepting country in the world) or/and they are just evil. This is just one of the Biden administration’s failures along with national debt, foreign policy and the economy.

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