You have die-hard Democrats that will vote for Satan if there is a “D” by his name. The rest of we the voters with half a brain can’t help but  see the direction the country is headed with senile Joe at the helm. 

High inflation, goods shortage and getting worse, high gasoline prices hurting everyday working people, loss control at the border releasing sick illegals, criminals, drug traffickers, human traffickers and yes terrorists. Crime rates increasing, DOJ declaring parents protesting at school board meetings terrorists (can you imagine) protesting critical race theory, out of control spending bills they are trying to disguise as infrastructure. Twice now they have tried to sneak in blanket amnesty for illegals and the parliamentary watch dogs told them it isn’t legal. It’s trying to buy votes pure and simple. 

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Alan H

Mr Martin, you are spreading misinformation again and I hope the BSun will someday flag your articles as such. There is no Democrat socialist Party and only 4 Dems in federal office identify as socialist. If anyone will vote for Satan when there's an R by Satan's name on the ballot, its conspira'servative Repubs. Satan's number one recruit, D Trump is your prime example. Delusional Trump continues to spread election fraud lies about losing to Biden. Everything bad that happens to Evangelical conspira'servatives was somehow brought on by Satan, but none of them can see Trump as a false evil prophet who never prays, rarely attends church and doesn't believe in God. The Republican Party is unsustainable as it implodes over blind loyalty to a grifting pathological liar.

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