My wife Linda and I often dine at the Taqueria Tapatia restaurant at 1105 Ward Road near the Kroger store.  At that restaurant we often see members of the Baytown Police Department enjoying the fine food and friendly service. Linda and I really appreciate the Baytown police men and women, so we often tell our waitress to add the police bills to our bill when we check out.  

On Monday morning (Memorial Day), I dressed up in my best western clothes, shiny boots, shiny black belt, and wore my special black “Air Force” baseball cap (which I earned during the Vietnam War).  There were two tables with police officers. I told our waitress to put their bills on our bill. The officers finished their breakfasts and tried to pay their bills, but were told that someone had already taken care of it. When Linda and I finished eating and I tried to pay our bill and theirs.  I was informed that someone else had already paid for all of the police officers and also paid our bill.  I do not know who the Good Samaritan was, but I know something about him. He appreciates our police officers, and is a true American patriot who appreciates the sacrifices given by our great military men and women. Many thanks go to that person, and to all others who share his and our appreciation for the United States of America.

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