“No news is good news.” This old saying has never been truer since last year. After scrapping President Trump’s contingency plan for Afghanistan troop withdrawal, Biden and his Socialist regime moved ahead with their own ill conceived and poorly executed plans concocted between his staff and Taliban leaders without any contingency plans for Americans and Afghan allies placed in danger by the Taliban’s deadline for evacuations.

Biden’s only “success” in this fiasco is in his efforts to diminish America’s reputation and providing the Taliban with billions of dollars worth of weaponry and materials to assist terrorist activities throughout the Middle East. I’m sure the Chinese Communist Party and Socialists around the world are applauding his actions.

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Alan H

Why isn't this article labeled as false and misleading by BSun staff? Almost the entire article is false. There's no Socialist Dem Party. Biden didn't scrap Trump's Afghan troop removal plan. Biden hasn't allowed virus infected illegal immigrants to roam through America. Biden isn't trying to destroy America. If all the misinformation was removed from Kinkaid's article there would be nothing left to print. All of these lies are printed unchallenged by the BSun as if they are true. Facebook and Twitter label false/misleading posts/opinions with a warning label. So should the BSun. Stop promoting the spread of misinformation, please.

Alan H

And where did Kincaid get the idea that Biden is responsible for thousands of deaths and suffering in the last eight months? False misleading info like that must be labeled as false so no one believes it. The BSun must stop spreading misinformation and start flagging/labeling articles that contain false/misleading information.

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