A close friend got the Pfizer vaccine on Feb. 12 which resulted in a dangerous elevated blood pressure of 240 over 90 that afternoon, discovered in a routine yearly exam by his physician, who sent him to the Methodist emergency room for treatment.

After four hours, IV injection, X-rays, CAT scan and ECG procedures which were all negative, he was released without any diagnosis to explain the blood pressure spike. The next day, his blood pressure was 193/80 when he got a prescription filled.

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Alan H

Mr Kincaid, since you are well known for spreading false information and conspiracy theories, one has to look at all your statements with a "Hmmm, that sounds fishy," attitude. First, if the ER couldn't find a reason for your "close friend's" bp spike, how was his primary Dr able to determine it was from the Pfizer vaccine? Millions around the world have had that shot with no bp spikes. It is also well known that a high salt diet or anxiety can cause bp spikes. Even more unusual you stated that heath organizations still haven't shared your close friend's medical complaints with you. There are privacy laws that prohibit that. Could it be that you are spreading more misinformation about covid vaccines just as you have spread fertilizer before? Maybe the BSun should preface any article you write with a warning, "This information does not pass the smell test and is likely a load of bs."

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Hey Al, you don't pass the smell test. If you are crazy enough to take the vaccine then you are protected said Fauci and Stupid Biden right? Why would you care if anyone takes it or not? Your protected so button up..

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