Mr. Bloom’s editorial “Mail-In Ballots could save lives” relies entirely on fear to make his point.  As is often the case with liberals, every issue is only a choice of extremes, i.e. if you vote in person, you’re going to catch coronavirus and die but if you vote by mail, you’ll live.  There’s no middle ground where you can do both.  Mr. Bloom attributes opposition to mail in ballots as “Republicans are afraid of the basis of our democracy”.  Way down in the 16th paragraph does the Sun lightly dismiss, without any proof, the real reason for opposition to mail in ballots; voter fraud.  Well let me tell you, Voter fraud is real and hundreds of convictions have been made and documented.  We can only guess how many cases of voter fraud have gone on undetected.  If Liberals are so concerned about the “basis of our democracy” then why do they oppose voter ID, support giving drivers licenses to illegals, and want to eliminate the Electoral College?  Voter fraud is most often perpetrated by impersonating another voter.  Mail-in ballots are ripe for this kind of abuse since someone can easily request a ballot in someone else’s name, pretend to be a voter who is either dead or fictitious, cast duplicate votes, and cast ineligible votes for criminals, illegal aliens, children, or other unqualified individuals.  Mail-in ballots are also susceptible to buying votes and voter intimidation since there’s no election judge to supervise the casting of those votes.  Think it doesn’t happen?  Look at how many people have their tax refunds stolen by someone who filed a return in their name.  We already know there are many counties that have more registered voters than actual residents but Liberals see a crisis as cover to advance their liberal agenda, regardless of the expense to freedom and Constitutional protections.  Just like churches and grocery stores and others have found ways to safety go about their business, so too can Texas adhere to safe health guidelines while maintaining the sanctity of the voting process.  Mr. Bloom’s plea for mail-in voting is just another thinly veiled attempt by liberals to ensure power.  Let me tell you Mr. Bloom, Texans can have both health and integrity of the voting process.

Mark Dolecki

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Mr. Dolecki, we have 5 states that now primarily use voting by mail. Rather than harp on sensationalized, isolated examples, a person concerned about truth would draw on the vast experiences of those states to form an opinion about the validity of a vote-by-mail system. (The key here is being concerned about truth.)

Here is a “big picture” view about the experiences of those states with voting by mail:

From the Brennan Center for Justice:

“None of the five states that hold their elections primarily by mail has had any voter fraud scandals since making that change. As the New York Times editorial board notes, “states that use vote-by-mail have encountered essentially zero fraud: Oregon, the pioneer in this area, has sent out more than 100 million mail-in ballots since 2000, and has documented only about a dozen cases of proven fraud.” Rounded to the seventh decimal point, that’s 0.0000001 percent of all votes cast. An exhaustive investigative journalism analysis of all known voter fraud cases identified only 491 cases of absentee ballot fraud from 2000 to 2012. As election law professor Richard L. Hasen notes, during that period “literally billions of votes were cast.” While mail ballots are more susceptible to fraud than in-person voting, it is still more likely for an American to be struck by lightning than to commit mail voting fraud.”

IMO, the only threat of MASSIVE voter fraud comes from hacking. It would be impossible to hack a vote-by mail system. But maybe you are not concerned about hacking. Maybe you like the idea of Russian interference in our elections. It seems odd that someone so concerned about mail-in ballot fraud would not be concerned about the bigger danger of hacking. Could it be that your greater concern is that a fair election, with the greatest possible participation by voters, would result your man losing?

Oh yeah, there's also the small thing about making the voting process more accessible to everyone.

It’s called democracy, Mr. Dolecki.


Frank, you shut down that argument. The comments about voter fraud in the hundreds was a # it picked out of the sky. Last election there were 2 in Texas, were convicted and happened to be republicans. Oh, by the way the armed services has been doing it for years and that’s in the hundreds of thousands .


I love how you chose not to bring up the 3 points that Mr. Dolecki stated, as to why democrats, are against Voter ID, how they Support issuing drivers license to illegals, and want to abolish the Electoral College. What Mr Dolecki left out, was the fact Dems are pushing for non citizens, convicted felons, and 16 year olds to be able to vote, for the sole purpose of being able to win future elections. No matter the cost, to our country. Dems support open borders, sanctuary cities and getting rid of ICE. Why? Again, the answer is simple, to win future elections no matter the cost. Some may say that they are being compassionate and that this country was built on immigration, yes this country was built on immigration but it was done the correct way, it wasn’t through a broken border system that acts as a funnel for millions of undocumented individuals, that end up in some of our most populous areas in our country, and those individuals will lean left and provide the Dems with the votes that they have to have to win an election. They could care less about the well being of these illegal immigrants, to them, they are their ticket to staying in power.


Nate, something I learned in my baseball/softball playing days was “keep your eye on the ball”. In this thread, that means ignore the diversions from the topic because they merely cloud the issue. The issue is simply….Is voting by mail a good idea? Here are the relevant facts:

- Voting by mail would increase voter participation.

- Voting by mail would present security problems.

- Security problems associated with vote-by-mail can be overcome or at least minimized. We know that because…

- 5 states already use vote-by-mail and report almost zero cases of voter fraud.

- The biggest drawback to a vote-by-mail system is that some voters don’t follow instructions or mail their ballots before the deadline.

- A Vote-by-mail system is not in danger of being hacked, a feature that is hugely important in today’s world.

- We already use voting-by-mail for senior citizens, homebound people, military personnel, Statistically, the amount of fraud has been insignificant.

- Since we already use vote-by-mail for some citizens without complaints or significant fraud, clearly there is no fundamental reason not to make this system available to all citizens.

People who have weak arguments (conservatives and liberals) love to divert from the basic facts. One of their preferred diversions is to cite anecdotal evidence, isolated sensationalized examples, instead of large-scale statistical data.

Scrape away all of the layers of diversion and you find the obvious, but unspoken, reason that conservatives oppose voting by mail. People who have been effectively disenfranchised because of their poverty will now vote, and most likely they will not vote Republican. You probably won’t admit it, but deep down, you know that is true.

Keep your eye on the ball, Nate


News Flash!

A REPUBLICAN dominated senate committee just revealed its findings that in fact, Russia aimed to help Trump in the 2016 election.

Does that mean the assessment of the entire U.S. intelligence community was correct? Mueller was right? Vladimir Putin is not so trustworthy? And Donald Trump lied? I wonder if we will be getting apologies from Trump and his minions any time soon?

And you guys on this thread are worried more about the security of mail-in ballots than Russian interference? I bet if the Russians favored the Democratic nominee, you would have an entirely different set of priorities.


Frank, I played baseball as well, and football, and you know when youre running down the field about to make that huge game saving tackle, glory and adoration, surely heading ur way....BOOM, you get decleated, ear holed, by a blindside block, and your team loses, you know why, because you kept ur eye on the ball, narrowly focused, instead of being aware of ur surroundings. Which seems to be exactly what you’ve done here. Assuming that I’m a republican, and I will be upset but not able to admit something. That is Woefully unsophisticated, and also a symptom of Trump Derrangement Syndrome the left has, you don’t practice what you preach. I won’t make that mistake and just assume you don’t have the guts to admit something, and I’m in no way capable of knowing ur inner thoughts and fears after reading 2 replies on a thread. However, the audacity you have, to even begin to get think you know who or what I am/stand for, and ur patronizing replies, im going to assume, that you “assume” you are intellectually superior to anyone that doesn’t share the same views as you. I’m ok with that, Bc it’s that mindset and lack of humility, that won trump the presidency 3.5 years ago. The good news for you is, you and the rest of elite thinkers, will have 4 more years to try to get one Schiffs sideshows to finally stick(it won’t)

And since you’re a big baseball guy, weren’t you taught as a little league, and throughout ur playing days, to not be a sore loser, and live to play another day. Of course you were, but somewhere along the way, you turned into a pretentious punk for one reason or another. Watch out here comes that blindside block, I’m not a Republican, or Democrat, I don’t vote by party, I vote by candidate, from the bottom of the ticket to the top. This isn’t a 2 team league, we aren’t against eachother ,we play for the same team, partisan politics is most vicious and vindictive circus I’ve ever seen. I think Trump should not talk so much when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, I think he’s down right idiot a lot of times, I didn’t vote for trump, nor Hillary, I actually didn’t vote for the presidency, Bc I didn’t believe either was fit to be POTUS, but what trump has done in certain aspects of his term, against all the opposition coming his way, is amazing to me. The most disturbing and pathetic thing that I’ve seen over the last 3.5 years, is the lefts desire to see trump fail, which in turn means that our countrymen and fellow Americans are suffering Bc the leadership has failed, or worse we lose soldiers in war that we get involved in. To me, that is the most in American thing one could do. I could say more, but I’m not, bc these are the types of things going on all over our country, where each side is doing everything in their power to hurt the other side. I’d rather be part of the solution than driving the wedge even deeper, I just had to let you know that, you are a jaded fool, to even comment on my fears, that are based on ur assumptions, you’re better than that, or you should be. Now pick ur mouth piece up, turn helmet around so you can see after that hit you just took, and realize what team you play for, America! Have a wonderful day Frank, and don’t forget to keep ur head on a swivel!


Nate, I am encouraged that you recognize some of Trump’s shortcomings. You are not like some of the posters who try to convince us that Trump’s excrement smells like roses, so I give you credit for that.

You did take your eye off the ball however, choosing to rant about my perceived shortcomings instead of countering my points about voting by mail. You could have insulted me equally harshly in the context of explaining why my thoughts were incorrect, and maybe that would have been both instructive and appropriately disparaging.

If I am wrong about your reason for opposing voting by mail, I apologize. Although it may not be the case for you, I continue to think that the vast majority of the opposition is essentially political.

You make the assumption that I hope for Trump to fail. Not quite. I want the policies that he advocates to fail, because that would be better for the country IMO. I do struggle with my feelings about Trump. I know that I shouldn’t hate anyone, but Trump is just a bad human being. Our country deserves better than Trump.

You mention that "the most disturbing and pathetic thing that I’ve seen over the last 3.5 years, is the lefts desire to see trump fail". Were you equally upset about how the rights treated Obama?

I enjoyed your football analogies. I did play football, but played on the left end of the bench only, so I didn’t have to worry about my blindside except when the waterboy wanted my spot.

Alan H

Nate4t4, it seems that you are the one who was blindsided when Frank tackled you with the facts. As far as your admiration for Lying Trump's accomplishments, I wish you could be more specific. Trump bankrupted America by passing a huge tax cut for billionaires like himself and had total cooperation from the Senate and House, (until the midterm elections), yet he still couldn't get Mexico to pay for that wall. Nor has he passed any significant legislation that might benefit America as a whole, namely healthcare and infrastructure. Nate4t4, you have an intelligent way of expressing yourself so that's why I'm surprised to read compliments favoring a pathological liar who insists the media is the enemy of the people.


Hey No/Life, if you read the Senate report it said that Russia tried to disrupt the U.S. election. They didn't care who won. Hang on N/L the real report is coming from Durham shortly. It will name the scumbag Obama officials that tried to undo the 2016 election.

Nate, on another note that was an excellent response to frankie (alas N0/Life) who knows everything with his 7 Master Degrees. He is a master at copy and paste the far left looney web sites he quotes. The only degree he is missing is the Common Sense one. Trump wasn't my first pick either but he turned out to be a patriot who loves America. He turned this country around and has turned the democratic party into blubbering fools. No one could take the abuse Trump has endured and still be up and running. Obama couldn't carry Trumps lunch kit but he was a master at doubling the national debt in 8 years that 43 Presidents before him took 240 years to do...

Alan H

Frank, have you reminded N/A Martin that 50,000 Americans have died from the corona virus under the abysmal, delusional leadership of the Great Orange Trumpkin? Compare that to Mr Martin's repeated hateful words about 13,000 people perishing from a virus under Obama. And as for increasing the national debt Humpty Trumpty has now become the only President ever to double the national debt in one 4 year term. Using these comparison facts, N/A should be trashing Trump any time now since Trump is obviously far worse than Obama.

Alan H

Oops, I see you have reminded N/A Martin about his hateful Obama remarks and 13,000 deaths on another thread. Also, since when was the regular flu responsible for 85,000 deaths Mr Martin?


Hey bubba al that would be the flu season late 2017 and 3 months in 2018... Get N/L to research for you....

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