Thank you for reminding Goose Creek CISD about the importance of driving out bullying in our schools (and all school districts). A known problem from the beginning of time, a problem that normally goes back to the child’s parenting skills - a skill that is quickly diminishing with each generation. 

Don’t you agree it all goes back to their parents? Be it Mom and Dad, Mom and step-dad, Dad and step-mom or even single parents. Parenting is the most difficult job and the most important one in our society - in the world! God gave us parents/leaders - either by birth, adoption, teachers, church councelors, etc. - to instruct children to become loving, giving, kind and productive human beings. Aren’t your children valuable enough to invest precious time and biblical instructions to, ensuring that you are making your best attempt in keeping a better society - a loving society which has no room or time for bullying?

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