On the last period the first day of school my freshman year at Robert E. Lee in the fall of 1983, I walked into room 243 and asked the teacher if this was Mr. Richard’s class.  When I asked the question,  I pronounced it in the way it would be pronounced as a typical first name.  A very young Al Richard told me that no it was Mr. Richard’s class.  Obviously, he was pronouncing it with French pronunciation from the Acadiana region of Louisiana. 

I was already like a cow staring at a new gate on my first day of high school.  Finding room 243 at REL proved to be difficult because the class, which was a math class, was on the second floor of the homemaking building.    When Mr. Richard pronounced his name correctly, I was perplexed and thought I had the wrong classroom.  I turned to walk out until Mr. Richard caught me and told me that was in the right place.

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