I/we are smarter than you. That is what Mr. Truman is saying. If you worked as a craftsman for a living you are not worthy of an opinion. 

To back his accusations he quotes a doctor and an organization(CDC) who if you were listing has been all over the map. You need a mask you don’t need a mask oh now you need two. By the way, who thinks it is a smart idea to make a virus more deadly to humans? Mr. Truman your doctor thought that was a good idea (that is a fact) and your CDC tried to hide that from the world (another fact). Had they been more forthcoming no telling how many people would be alive today. 

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Alan H

Yes Mr Rollo everyone has a right to their opinion. However, Mr Martin does not have a right to spread misinformation with false statements he read in an article or heard on an ultra biased news channel known for spreading false info. I asked Mr Martin to back up his false information and he replied he doesn't have time. Look at what Mr Felder actually said. Mr Martin's info isn't believable when compared to someone else's info due to their credentials such as education and actual career experience. In other words look at the source of your info before you believe it. I'm also a strong advocate for the Baytown Sun starting to flag false and misleading information in its opinion pieces so no one believes Mr Martin's bs. It is beyond my comprehension that you Mr Rollo would have the audacity to criticize Dr Fauci, Dems and the CDC for info that was later corrected but you failed to mention the previous Prez who encouraged citizens to inject bleach as their Covid cure.

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