In just less than a year, Biden and his cohorts have given away our energy independence, wrecked our economy with a recession and ongoing inflation. Politization and weaponization of the Wuhan virus with Fauci’s lies and involvement with the Chinese lab, his surrender of the Mideast and Afghanistan and billions of dollars in weaponry and military equipment, leaving behind some of our allies and citizens. Appeasement of Antifa and BLM riots with no prosecutions. Efforts to grant amnesty, citizenship and welfare payments to millions of illegal aliens “invited,” and imported and dispersed across our states without vetting or COVID-19 testing. Continuing their efforts to destroy our first and second amendments, passing a trillion-dollar welfare and social bill disguised as an infrastructure and too many executive orders to list. All of their actions have been and are designed to indoctrinate and bankrupt “we the people” into compliance with their goal of total governmental control over every aspect of our lives.

I’m disgusted hearing their actions being “excused” with Biden’s senility, mismanagement, mistakes, poor policies and their so-called failures, which in fact have been total successes for Soros, Chinese Communist party and Biden’s evil administration. The Socialist Democratic Party is not just a political opponent. They are American’s enemy – must be held accountable.

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