How many times have you heard senile Joe and lying Fauci say “We are following the science.”

Research is showing that people who have contacted COVID now have antibodies that are better than the vaccine, Fauci was asked by a physician over the past weekend about the comprehensive research done by Israel that shows people who had COVID-19 are 27% more protected with the now natural immunities than the vaccine offers. Fauci response was it should be looked into. I thought Fauci was supposed to be the expert guru on COVID-19. It shows the world that he doesn’t have a clue. A 100 million U.S, people that had COVID-19 and survived don’t need the vaccine that senile Joe is trying to mandate. I wonder how much Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson stock Fauci and the Biden crime family have? I’m sure the DNC controlled media will research it and let us know.

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