A recent incident in the Chambers County community highlights just how important it is to always have a Sober Skipper operating the boat. A suspected drunken boating crash occurred recently when a boater crashed his airboat, causing severe injuries to one man. Luckily, the injured man is in stable condition, but that unfortunately isn’t always the case. 

Alcohol is the leading cause of all boating accidents and deaths. Experiencing wind, vibration, noise, and the sun on a boat can impair balance, coordination, and concentration – all of which are intensified by the use of alcohol, drugs, and some medications. Drinking and driving is a topic we all take seriously and we’ve learned the importance of assigning designated drivers for car trips. Unfortunately, many people don’t apply those same rules to the water. Boating Under the Influence is always illegal, but it is also 100 percent preventable. 

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