What is going on???? The government by the people and for the people has disappeared in the USA. They proved that with the COVID restrictions, and they are proving it again with this spending package up for vote in DC. The way COVID was handled was criminal. They are now admitting what most of the world and the medical establishment knew 2 years ago. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (humans had been using both for decades) were viable ways to combat viruses such as COVID. People died because of the WHO, US health organizations and Anthony Fauci restricted their use, knowing the benefits far outweighed the risks. Someone (or ALL) should be held accountable! Now our/the government is wanting to pass a spending bill (full of waste and pork) that will bankrupt the US. Crime is out of control, and the FEDS are just inviting more to come to this country and bring their drugs and more crime with them. I am embarrassed I was ever a Democrat! We must fix this! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.


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