In 1934, the school for the African-American community in Goose Creek ISD only went through ninth grade and organized sports had not been established. It didn’t even have a name for the school across the street from Mt Rose Baptist Church; the school board just called it the Goose Creek Colored School. They did have a football team though, but since there was no league to regulate the sport, that team may have had players that didn’t always attend school and may not have even been school age. The team played other schools, too. They may have received used equipment from Lee high school, or maybe they didn’t have much equipment at all, but Liberty was on their schedule that year. They either had an unpaid coach or no coach at all, and lost 6-12 in what may have been their only game of the year. 

According to the Goose Creek ISD minutes from Jun 3, 1935, “a committee of colored men came before the board requesting it to employ qualified teachers for tenth and eleventh grades, also a teacher for manual training and athletics.” The board chose Robert M. Davis for the coaching job. The first game of the 1935 season was against Liberty, and the eighteen players on the team were ready to even the score from last year. Home games were played at Elms Field on Saturday nights and a special section was reserved for white fans. They beat Liberty by the same score they had lost the year before. Two weeks later they played a strong team from Beaumont Hebert and John McKinney, president of the school board and an ardent football fan himself, issued a special invitation to all fans in the area. 

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