The incessant voter fraud prattle has little to do with the presidential election results. It is a public relations strategy designed to raise money.

Look closely at lawsuits in the battleground states. The number of challenged ballots in each state are not numerous enough to change the outcome of any state.

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So Dr. Steve the ends justify the means right? You ok with Republican observers not being allowed in during the counting? You ok with hundreds of thousand mail in ballots with only Biden marked no other candidate? You ok with the voting machines changing the vote from Trump to Biden in several counties in Michigan? You ok with using a voting system from South America (Dominion) in the first place? You ok with Justice Roberts telling Pennsylvania to keep all the ballots coming in after the polls closed separated from the rest and they not doing it? You ok with Pennsylvania changing the ballot gathering rules illegally without the legislature doing it and instead a judge doing it against the Pennsylvania Constitution? You ok with several voting preceints having not one vote for Trump? Coincident right? Does it bother you Dr. Steve that dead people still vote and people that have moved out of the state still vote? Your answer is it would't have changed the outcome? Showing your bias there Dr. Steve?


Yea I bet - unless it came out the other way. Democrats knew Trump was going to win and were going to make sure at any costs - including undermining the democratic process to make sure he didn't. His president will never be legitimate.

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