Saw the photo of a “Trump train” car caravan in Tuesday’s edition. I’d like the Baytown Republican Women to explain why they support the Trump train.

Is it because he’s a serial liar who babbles on about conspiracy rumors, refuses to trust facts and denies all scientific evidence?

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Wow! What a shocker! Who would believe any sane person would admit voting for potato Joe. I would be embarrassed to whisper that intention without presenting one shred of platform for the candidate of choice. Talk about liars! Joe Biden can't even remember what state or office he's running in. He is a clown and anyone who votes for him... is wanting his immediate replacement which is no better. No, make no mistake potato Joe will not be elected. he will be prosecuted as a criminal, right along with the last person who ran against our great President. Your President. Say what you want in this fine publication, but go ahead and secretly vote for Trump, the greatest president of all time. 4 more years! 4 more years! Say it; 4 more years!


Hey al, try a new talking point. The Social Security comment is a 50 year old lie...


How did you come up with your logic? The economy under President Trump has been the best in the last 40 plus years for Americans. Jobs have been created and our housing market has been at an all time high. The Democratic Party have been so busy trying to impeach President Trump over the last 4 years but have not been successful. Trump has done more for the for Israel than any other President in American history. Democratic's have literally burned down their own cities that have liberal mayors and governors all in the name of peaceful protest. I’m confident that President Trump will be elected for a 2nd term, if he isn’t re-elected republicans will accept this outcome with the need to protest. We will continue to go to work every day and continue to carry ourselves with dignity. I can only imagine what the left will do if their are defeated in another election.

Alan H

Suburban women, (aka educated women) who voted Trump in 2016 are dumping Donnie for Biden as are many other voting blocks like seniors. They realize Trump's a failure as a pandemic president, a failure at business and can't open his mouth without speaking a lie.

Biden is out raising Trump's bankrupt campaign by far. The Trump nightmare of chaos, conspiracy rumors and white supremacy is nearly over.

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