We recommend a vote for Susan Cummings for City Council, District 6. We have known her for many years, from the early 1980s at Lee College, where we all taught at various times. We have always found her to be intelligent, enthusiastic, dedicated, and trustworthy. She has been heavily involved in numerous community activities over the years and has held positions of trust in many worthy organizations. We believe that her innovative ideas for her home town of Baytown will help our city continue to move forward in our complex world, and that she will faithfully represent her constituency, the residents of District 6, in those efforts.

Mike and Lynda Williams

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Concerning Ms. Cummings, I think we all can agree that having an intelligent, enthusiastic, dedicated, and trustworthy personality is a plus, but her politic is straight out of the Leftist handbook. “Her innovative ideas for her home town of Baytown,” and her idea to “move forward in our complex world,” is the exact opposite of Conservative values. Don’t let her purple hair fool you that she is looking to the future in any direction the average hard-working Baytownian wants or needs. Baytown needs a Conservative approach to protect our children from defunding the police, creating race tensions through diversification that no one wants or needs. We do not need San Francisco politics on Baytown’s city council. Vote Lester or Matthews before you allow this Socialist on Baytown’s city council.


Agree Bert. She is a hard core leftist....

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