A recent ad by U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s campaign features his opponent, MJ Hegar, in a leather jacket riding her motorcycle down an empty stretch of Texas highway with the words “Too Liberal for Texas” splashed across the screen. If Cornyn’s definition of “too liberal” is the tattoos and motorcycles that characterize MJ Hegar’s image, sign me up!

Texas used to be known for larger than life politicians. At 6’4”, Lyndon Johnson used his height when he employed the “Johnson Treatment,” his aggressive method of cajoling his friends and rivals. Not only was he formidable in his personal visage, but he pursued one of the most aggressive domestic policy agendas in history. Congressman Charlie Wilson was about as “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” as you can get. He also helped engineer U.S. aid to fighters in Afghanistan fighting off a Soviet invasion. Sam Rayburn, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan, Dwight Eisenhower. These figures loomed large over the landscape.

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Matt surely you jest. LBJ was so crooked they had to screw him into the ground when he died. Don't worry though he is still voting...


Your letter to the ME is hilarious at best. You brag about her being “Too Liberal for Texas” as a badge of political needs for Texas? Because she rides a motorcycle/has tattoo’s and you give Cornyn credit for ‘maybe’ demeaning her and yet you don’t write one true world about her platform? Why did you bother to write this trifle? Riding a bike and having tat’s is nothing. A dime a dozen in fact. Her military record is impressive, but the very fact that she is a stone cold Democrat, means she espouses the slimy intentions of her chosen party. No thanks; let us all vote for Cornyn and keep California values out of Texas.

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