In response to Mr. Hudgins Nov. 15 letter, he implies everyone accepted that Trump won the 2016 election and nobody filed lawsuits to “overturn Trump’s shocking victory.” Everyone accepted the election results Mr. Hudgins except the Democratic leaders who began planning the impeachment hoax even before President-elect Trump was inaugurated. Everyone accepted the results except Pelosi and Schiff who produced an imaginary whistle blower who claims he/she/it witnessed Trump make an illegal phone call.

Unlike the imaginary whistleblower, there are several real live Americans who have signed sworn affidavits claiming they witnessed voter “irregularities” and vote counting “irregularities.” Lawsuits have been filed in behalf of these Americans and as Mr. Martin points out in his letter, the Dems have spent the last four years trying to undo the 2016 election so we should wait a couple more weeks for this legal process to play out.

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