Too much to ask for?

I would like for you to wake up tomorrow morning with an open mind and a loving heart for all.

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Well said. Thank you, Fred.


Hey Fred it's called personal responsibility. What can the government do to lead you out? The President killed all the red tape and a vaccine is on the horizon. Compare that to Obama leading from behind. The hate in your heart belongs to democrats....


Well N/A, your Obama obsession comes out again. The psychologist in me thinks that deep down you realize that Trump does not measure up to Obama or for that matter the standards of decency of all the 44 presidents before him. Truth, character, decency. Not Donald Trump's strong points. And not yours either.


Hey frankie, Obama couldn't carry President Trump's lunch. Decency, Obama? You must be out of your mind. The most corrupt president in American history is Barack Barry Hussein Obama....

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