There’s a very simple but common word that is used extensively, especially around Presidential election time. We read it in our newspapers and hear it on television and radio. It’s a word that was probably developed by our Founding Fathers over 200 years ago when we started having Presidential elections. It’s not a particularly appropriate word when describing what happens when one President succeeds another one. It’s a word that is better applied to a “fight” or a “battle” or simply a friendly boardgame such as chess or checkers. I’ve been hearing and/or reading this word as it is commonly used in a certain political phrase for several weeks now, especially today when reporters and/or politicians were covering the mob attack on the U.S. Capitol Building following Trump’s political rally right next door. Have you guessed the mystery word yet? Remember, if we could substitute our mystery word with a more suitable word, it might improve everyone’s attitude about Presidential elections and/or candidates. Are you ready? Okay: the word is “power” as in “the transfer of power from one President to the next.” I think the word power is wrong! But what word do we think is more suitable? Well, how about “leadership” as in “the transfer of leadership from one President to the next.” Wouldn’t you prefer to be a leader than a fighter if you were President?                                      Eloy G. Valdes


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