Thank you, Sen. Cornyn, for taking the necessary steps to protect American citizens from future diseases transmitted by wildlife through your new bill, the Preventing Future Pandemics Act, S. 4749.

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc almost unprecedented in the modern age – killing over a million people globally, including over 200,000 Americans, and sickening millions more. Live wildlife markets and the associated trade create the petri dish for zoonotic diseases to mutate, propagate, and spread to humans because of the large number of species and animals contained in inhumane, filthy conditions in close proximity to humans. This bill would put the U.S. in a strong position to lead the global fight against future zoonotic pandemics – both by setting the standard at home and through a number of strategies to work with the global community to create a safer future for all of us. The bill does so by banning the import, export, and sale of certain live wildlife for the primary purpose of human consumption and will use our role as a global leader to help end the commercial trade in live wildlife and to strengthen anti-wildlife trafficking initiatives. 

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