Dear Donald Trump,   

You say we would be unsafe with Joe Biden. Let us review your record. 

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Everything this person wrote is a fabrication based on blind adherence to the Liberal media. I find this letter to be so full of untruths, it should be posted on the Onion's website.


baytownbert you would not know truth from conspiracy theory. How could you? You are a part of the Trump Cult who not only drinks the pitcher full of Kool-Aid lies, you pass the toxic cups out. As for onions, you may want to peel back a few of your own layers to see the untruths you feed your malnourished self regularly! I notice you do not debate facts. It is a common deficiency among the Cult.


Hey LAL, leave whatever little brain you have left under your pillow tonight because the brain fairy is coming to leave you a quarter....


It appears your brainpower is not strong enough to discern your cultish dreams from your pure fantasy. No one has made America sicker, more unsafe, and more divisive than the Cult Leader himself, Trump. You clearly believe in Santa Claus so I would not be so arrogant about throwing around "the make believe". Trump's whole candidacy, from start to finish, is founded on brainwashing banked on fear, paranoia, and the belief that only he knows the truth. Truth coming from the biggest liar to ever inhabit the White House. Sadly, Trump’s cultish reality is built on greed, lies, conspiracy theories, fake news, corruption, bigotry, and division. Fortunately, the majority of Americans will never bite on his heinous “show” County first. Party second.


*Country fist. Party second.


Hey LCL, sorry but the democrats own corruption, lies, riots, looting, bigotry, racism, BLM and Antifa. Burning democratic cities. The stupid democrats are riding the presidential polls on down... Priceless.....


Interesting that the two Presidents who have been impeached in our lifetime are Republicans. I do not bicker party because I do not support partisanship. My country comes first. As for deviant groups you conveniently fail to note the KKK, alt-right, Patriot Prayer David Duke, Big Igloo Bois, etc. Very Trump-like! White nationalist hate groups and extreme right-wing groups in the United States have increased 55% throughout the Trump era. As I noted earlier, as part of The Trump Cult you cannot debate fact because you feed off of Fake News!


The liberal media has done a great job supporting their narrative. They have twisted every story and doing so they have made every American question themselves “is this the truth?” President Trump has given back our freedom, our hope and our faith in leadership. He has been the greatest supporter to Israel. He has the courage to undo the past 8 years of failures from the “nobama” administration. The fact that the liberal news media attacks him is proof he’s going in the right direction! Black Lives Matter does not stand for what they claim to be. Trump 2020!!!


Russell, clearly you are smarter than a 5th grader. Could it be that your inability to see what is clearly before gets obstructed by your own dark fears and denial of facts? Can it be you are no longer able to distinguish right from wrong because it fits your agenda and you mistakenly praise a party-political white crime deplorable? Our world is much larger than just Israel which by the way has an equally corrupt leader. If by now you cannot see that Donald Trump is bad to the bone your moral compass is horribly broken-down. It is as shattered as Trump's. NO EXCUSES! The normalization of constant immoral behavior is just that abnormal!

Again, no debate of fact!

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