Can anyone living in the United States of America in the 21st century believe that an outgoing presidential administration would use the departments of the government to organize a coup to undo a duly elected president by the people because they didn’t like the outcome? It happened with the knowledge and the cooperation of a sitting president is beyond any belief. Obama won’t be charged personally but I do believe many may well face charges under his direction.

Please consider the seriousness of these actions and vote the party that perpetrated these actions out of any office and who also may support the defunding of any police department. You ask yourself can these people be serious but sadly it’s true.

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N/A, while you are hallucinating, why not add the bogey man to your list of conspirators?


Hey N/L, we will see who is hallucinating. I heard it's some very nervous people these days.....


N/A, do you think it is wrong to throw out accusations without any facts to support them? How about some facts to back up your conspiracy theories? Facts. You know, those things that constitute undeniable proof.

Do the nervous people you speak of occupy the white house? Could it be that they are nervous about John Bolton’s book?


N/A, do you know what they call a person who makes unsubstantiated accusations without proof? ........The Town Gossip. Maybe I should change your sobriquet to T/G.


The two parties are so widely divided; there is no reason to sit on the fence.

If you are for making money, enjoy worshiping at your church of choice, respect law and order, obey laws, raising a family, going to work, paying for what you buy, believe in slow progressive change, and limiting government control over your life, money, and taxes - vote Republican.

If you are for everything from reparations, to defunding the police, looting, HUGE government subsidy programs, free, free, free everything (paid for by the working middle class), anarchy, aborting babies, funding illegal alien programs, the burning of the American flag - then vote for Democrats.


Hey N/L apparently you aren't reading all the transcripts being released. You must be waiting for the big enchilada to be dropped. Hang on frankie. Won't be long and the entire world can see what a scumbag Obama was...

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