I believe that the board needs to hear from as many as possible but the board needs to hear from the citizens of Baytown specifically. This is a diversion for some of the board members to curry favor with parties outside the district for personal gain as well as get their 15 minutes. A couple of them see themselves as freedom fighters on the level of MLK. They are manning the ramparts against the grave injustices being imposed on the kids attending Lee High School and they are going to save us all from our racist past. (Read some of the interviews and FB responses from them). They are ridiculous,unserious people. They are trustees. They would be much better trustees if they understood what the word meant. Goose Creek CISD is in the bottom half of the 1,200 districts in Texas. The graduation rate has dropped 2% in the past five years. REL High School students are an abysmal 42% proficient in math. (They would probably be better at it if their trustees weren’t just teaching division). REL High School students are an impressive 24% proficient in reading which means a majority of them may be able to pronounce a lot of the words I’ve written but they don’t understand them. GCCISD spends a little more than the average Texas school district per student with a teacher/student ratio of 16:1 so that shouldn’t be the issue. In short, the district and subsequently this board is delivering a disastrously bad product and they are doing it to the children of Baytown.

The kids deserve better. The city deserves better and the citizens are paying for a better product than they are receiving. In my opinion, the conversation needs to shift away from the history of the school and get direct to the point of having these trustees explain exactly how the name of one high school is causing this problem they are sitting on top of and how the name change is going to reverse their embarrassing job performance as a group. 

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