I am writing in response to Mr. Jerry L. Jones commentary on Aug. 4. He did not have to do extensive research to find out that Trinidad & Tobago has a culture that reflects the influences of European, Africans, Indians, Spaniards (Latino) and Arabs (Middle eastern). The hours he spent researching should have taken him to the many different religions on the islands, Rastafarian being one of them. Culturally Africans have worn dreadlocks for centuries/millennia if you have any knowledge about African history, not the European version of African history. Dreadlocks can be seen in the hieroglyphs of the Great Pyramids of Egypt and that was merely 6,000 years ago. Dreadlocks can also be traced back further. Europeans migrated to the New World (United States) fleeing religious and political prosecution, famines and whatever issues that may have prompted the migration to this great country. Cultural habits and traditions came along with those large movements of migrants. Some of those traditions and customs are what makes America the great melting pot or multicultural society that it is today. Some of us are still in denial that’s what America is and should be. Unfortunately, one of those traits that came with and evolved from European migrations was and is racism. It is uninformed and insensitive to our varied and rich cultural history when you make statements such as “should a person from a small foreign country 2,500 miles away attempt to impose his questionable long hair heritage on a local school district in the USA?” 

Attitudes and beliefs like that, my friend, is why we have unrest in America today. The arrogance and sense of privilege in the article was apparent. I wonder how the Indigenous native people of this country felt when Europeans imposed their culture and traditions on the natives that were here far longer than we migrants are today. 

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Well said, Mr. Saltibus.

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