I’m really surprised Dr. Showalter doesn’t know the answer to the article about “Credential Inflation” he recently published. Steve it’s really simple, it’s call liberalism, participation trophies, politically correct, brain washing kids at the elementary level through college. Democratic teachers union protecting terrible teachers who pass kids to just get them out of school. It’s to mean to make them learn and pass proficiency tests right? Baltimore recently had 15,000 students graduate with not one being proficient in reading and math. Think about that Steve then start a movement to go back to the days of old when there wasn’t politics in the schooling system.

I sincerely hope that people are tired of dumb kids, liberal teachers, BLM, Antifa, rioting, looting, talk of defunding police and every other democratic/liberal cause. Just a reminder, it’s tough out there in the real world.

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Thank you for reading my column. I appreciate your constructive criticism. Next week, I will respond to your critique. I agree with quite a few of your points, with some caveats.

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