We are talking about inconsequential things leading up to 2020 election. We do not have a cure for Covid-19. We have no way of restoring our coal industry. We can’t solve our immigration problem with a wall no matter who pays for it. Our health care will get more expensive if it is based on profit, technology and greed. History shows that we pay less when we base healthcare on sound medical science and practice and limited sources that pay for it.

The future of our country and the world depends not on our past glory, victories, defeats and injustices. The future begins now. We can mold with resolve, resilience and reaching for the fulfillment of the American vision: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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What a charming letter and I agree with you possibly for the first time. I do have an answer to your question (or the one neatly provided by the BSME. There is no reason to vote progressive. A vote for Sleepy Joe is a vote for the eight failed years of Obama politics. Your vision is the Trump vision. Thank you for writing.


Really al try and find a new talking point! The Rebublicans have been doing away with Social Security for 50 years according to brain dead democrats. Looks like a 1.3% increase for next year, so I guess President Trump is not doing away with it so I guess it makes al not knowing what he is talking about as usual...

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