I was born and raised in Baytown, Texas. I can recall when I attended Ross S. Sterling in the 1980s, specifically during “Lee Week!” There were riots, fights. We had open campus and students from Robert E. Lee would come to our campus to fight, there was looting, and at the football games, and during the halftime at the football games, the Brigadiers would march on the field holding and waving the confederate flags. I recall the comments made; on how insulting it was for them to continue to disrespect us. The tensions were high. I can recall fights between students after the games and Black people called the “N-word”!

I am on the Facebook platform feed. I have read racial slurs and insults from former students of Baytown Lee. Students are still in that same mindset of racism, of those who are in support of changing the name of Robert E. Lee. The racial slurs are not only, toward Black Americans but of other nationalities that are also in support of the name change, other than European American. My point is the hate that racism can bring out of people.

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Jacqueline St. Julian , Thank you ! No more needs to be said.


Well said. Thank you for speaking your truth. The only thing worse than change is not changing at all. That's what history, science, religion are all about - evolving. Repeating the same mistakes doesn't allow a country, a state, a city, a community rise to greatness. Does it? No doubt history is there to teach us. History serves to guide us in celebrating our glories and rectifying our error in ways. Let's get history corrected in 2020 by working together to find a name that represents Baytown well. That joins us rather than dividing us.

Daniel Vasquez

Wow! I didn't know REL Ganders were so bad and racist. As a "Minority" I attended Robert E. Lee in early 90's and born and raised in Baytown Texas. Yes there was always rivalry between our schools, but I also recall RSS coming to our campus and doing the same what you described. REL in the 80's and 90's was a diverse school and still is where blacks, whites and Hispanics attend a great prideful high school. Just like any high school it wasn't a perfect one but I witnessed how our different cultures blended during school events like pep-rally and football games to became as one Robert E. Lee Gander. You tell us we need to hate each other but REL Ganders stand together thru good and bad times. I continue to support REL athletics and witness the same REL Gander Pride where athletes treat each other as brothers and sisters and block "THE NOISE". I wish the grown-ups could do the same!

A Proud Robert E. Lee Gander

J. Daniel Vasquez



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