A ridiculous a statement

Can you believe The Sun quoted a Dr. Ben Weinstein from Houston Methodist as saying 1 in 10 people in the United States have considered suicide since the coronavirus has begun? What a ridiculous a statement from a media source.

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Hey N/A, speaking of delusional thinking, do you remember criticizing Obama about his handling of the swine flu epidemic, then touting Trump's much better response to covid-19. You challenged me to get back to you when the death count reached 10,000 (number of swine flu deaths) because you believed the lies Trump was peddling. We are now approaching 200,000 dead. Yet my guess is that, as a charter member of the Trump cult, you are somehow making excuses for his stupidity and deceit and blaming it all on Obama.

So when it comes to calling out BS, maybe you should examine some of your own comments.


I will be glad when the election is over and the Democratic voters settle in for 4 more years of prosperity and peace. Once they realize the Democratic leadership was holding nothing but low cards, they will become believers in the Orange man and productive citizens, throwing off the false flags of the oppressors.


Hey N/L, how many straight up healthy people have died from COVID-19? A vaccine in under a year is pretty remarkable frankie. Obama would still be trying to figure out what Corona meant....

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