Let’s put into perspective how a few GCCISD school board trustees skewed thereading of emails toward their own agenda for change. Initially it was stated that there were 24 emails to be read. While the local news media is gathering numbers for the  10 o’clock news, the school board reads half of the emails; 12 for changing the name and 2 sprinkled in against the change. That’s all the media had been given to be reported. At 10:24 p.m., after the news has been broadcast, the remaining 12 were finally read. Nine against and one for. 

Why were the email readings not balanced and alternated to level the playing field that was to be presented to the general public? There’s only one answer to that. A much greater number supporting change were read initially to make it look on the news that change has the overwhelming majority of supporters. This is not true! 

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Totally agree.

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