I was talking to two friends this week. Both of these individuals own acreage either in the hill country or south Texas.  Consequently, both had their homes broken in to by illegal aliens last week.  Local law enforcement indicated to them that “illegals are streaming across the border” and that break ins have increased 5X just in the last two weeks.  So let me see if I understand this correctly.  Our new administration is shutting off air travel in to the U.S. from countries who are failing to control the COVID epidemic within their own borders.  I am certainly in favor of that move.  At the same time however, we are stopping construction on the border wall and taking a hands off stance to allow thousands of illegal aliens to cross our borders, none of which have probably had any type of preventative inoculations, much less for COVID.  These individuals will be filtering in to our society and their children in to our school systems.  What am I missing here?

Ronnie Anderson

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