It absolutely makes no sense to me to change the name of this historic school. I do not understand why people want to do away with history. 

Many students have gone through this school and never once considered it racial. 

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Karry, you’re ignoring the entire point. And yes, I did go to that school 50 + years ago, but what we were thought about that portion of history was not accurate. So much was omitted out of convenience to the white majority. Also, in the sixties blacks didn’t go to REL.


The history that is being taught now is not accurate!


The ignorant violent and destructive zealots don't want to get rid of history. They don't know and don't care to learn. They have one agenda and it does not include learning this country's history. Anarchy and regime change to Socialism, by hook or crook and mark my words, if and when Trump is reelected, they will become suicidal & dangerous & destructive bordering on sacrificial insanity.


Can you imagine the miserable lives these destructive zealots live....

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