In the great movie, ‘The man who shot Liberty Valance’ one newspaperman dared to write the truth and it cost him his life. His name was Dutton Peabody and was played by Edmond O’Brien. The newspaper editor dared to run a story about Valance’s involvement in the murder of farmers, knowing Valance would retaliate and he did, burning the newspaper building to the ground and killing Peabody. We no longer have journalists and newspapermen and women. We have TV production managers and newspaper publishers/managing editors who feed the same printed text to all the papers and teleprompters in their towns and affiliate stations and if politics are involved it appears it has no resemblance to what actually happened in many cases. In many cases, there is no news coverage at all if it doesn’t fit the agenda of whoever is paying their salaries. We have been betrayed and duped by journalists and big money folks. We want facts, not opinions. We are not stupid, uneducated or easily amused. We can and will sift facts, but we need old school journalists, not news interpreters.                                                          

Bert Marshall

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