Baytown has had a long history with aviation. You probably know about Baytown Airport on Barkaloo Road and RWJ Airport in Beach City. If you’re old enough you may even remember the airport on N. Main, but it goes back even further than that.

In 1931 the Goose Creek Chamber of Commerce decided that the Tri Cities needed an airport. They created an Aviation Committee and put local mover and shaker Henry Cathriner as chairman. They acquired a tract of land where today’s Walmart parking lot is on Garth Road is located and graded a 1600 foot dirt runway, 100 feet wide. There would be a flight school there and fifteen men signed up to take classes. The Tri-Cities Airport had four aircraft. Flight lessons were conducted in a Piper Cub by Claude Eure and they also had a Ford Trimotor which was used for sightseeing trips and for charters. At age fourteen Tag Bass, Claude Eure’s son, became the youngest licensed pilot in the United States when he was issued his ticket in April 1938.

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I am OLD enough to remember the airport on N. Main Street. My dad took lessons and came home one day with the entire back of his shirt cut out. He had soloed and was so proud. He went on to purchase a plane and loved flying. Thanks for the article, good reading.


Thanks. In the Navy after the first solo we got our tie cut off. That ceremony was always at the weekly beer muster.

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