The 2016 win for Donald Trump was called late into election night by all major media as it became clear Hillary had no path to victory.  There were no phony claims of fraud, tampering or funny business despite Trump’s campaign request to Russia to find Hillary’s emails.  No one made oddball remarks about how the media can’t decide who wins the election. The media reported that Trump won in 2016 and everyone accepted it as factual.

Clinton admitted defeat and Republicans were free to transition their power strategies for the next four years.  That’s how America handled the 2016 election.

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Hey al, the difference between 2016 and 2020 is millions and millions of mail in ballots the democrats insisted on that you can't verify. Coincidence right? You are going to get what you deserve... Senile Joe......

Alan H

Raymond, a ballot is a ballot whether it's mailed or tabulated on a computer.

And mailed-in ballots are verified with registered voter lists just like your name/address is verified when you vote in person. America prefers Biden over deranged Trump by a landslide. Trump is 74, Biden 77. If anybody's senile it's Trump. He can't remember that he lost the election.


Trump very well may be the loser, but until he concedes and/or voting descrepacies are eliminated he is still the president and no amount of media reporting trumps the Constitution. This will probably go down in history as one of the strangest elections and also one of the most fraudulent. You needn't look far to find evidence of voter fraud and all of the nonsensical claims of no voter fraud are just fluff put out for those that want to believe none exsists. Don't lecture on Republican's doing or saying anything to support Trumps voter fraud claims when you democrats have never accepted Trump as the winner in 2016 and every waking hour was spent by democrats trying to remove him from office. Despicable behavior for the past 4+ years.

Alan H

Trump should've been removed way before now. He's the worst and the laziest prez ever. His only accomplishment was a huge tax cut for the super rich. And if there's voter fraud, why do judges keep throwing out Trump's lawsuits over lack of evidence of voter fraud. Even DHS said this was the most secure election in history with no widespread voter fraud. Governors and Sec of States from every state where Trump filed lawsuits said there's no widespread voter fraud. Do you think everyone else is lying about no voter fraud or could it be Trump the serial liar who is lying?


Keep drinking the koolaid...


Grace and honor? Hillary still says she won. She even spent millions on a fake dossier and then the taxpayers had to foot the bill for a wasted investigation. The Dominion voting system should be a concern to every US citizen. If what is being investigated is true, our right to vote for our voice to be heard is in jeopardy.

Alan H

You've been listening to too many conspiracy rumors. Reality check. Hillary won the popular vote in 2016. Trump won the Electoral College vote. With grace and honor Hillary conceded to Trump the next day. The Steele dossier wasn't all fake and it was the Repubs who initially paid for it. The Mueller investigation concluded that Trump committed obstruction of justice with over 30 other convictions so it wasn't wasted. A sitting President cannot be convicted of a crime so that's why the Mueller investigation seems like it was wasted. Trump Jr still hasn't explained why he lied for months about his secret meeting with a Russian attorney. The Dominion voting system was used to count votes in 2016 when Trump won, so why is Trump making up conspiracy rumors now that he lost. The Dominion voter fraud rumor started on the QAnon website as a conspiracy theory and Trump, Guiliani and some Fox News hosts have been pushing the lies ever since. Just remember this, if it comes out of Trump's, Guiliani's, Tucker Carlson's or Sean Hannity's mouths it's probably a lie. Learn how to fact check.

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